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MITL was born from a pressing need and a desire for change by business leaders, by civic leaders at all levels of government, and by academics that specialize in the study of transportation and logistics.

Who We Are

MITL is a non-profit organization of private and public sector investors created to work with business and government partners to address real challenges facing the industry and to bring together resources, expertise and experience that the industry does not have but desperately needs. The goal: to improve the efficiency of transportation systems and the competitiveness of the logistics/manufacturing sector. In a nutshell, MITL is dedicated to solving transportation and logistics problems to make our world work better. MITL is supported by its partners in industry, government and academia.

MITL is committed to addressing issues of environmental and social concerns. Climate change and environmental emissions are intertwined with economic prosperity and must be considered for the future sustainability of both the industry and the planet. It’s a win-win for all and it’s good business.
The objective of MITL is to connect with government, industry partners and academia in addressing critical transportation and logistics issues. Our key focus areas are: research, education and outreach.