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Graduate students required to work on funded research project


MITL Research Projects

We carry out research for both the public and private sectors. Here are several examples of current and completed research projects.

Truck Freight Generators and Attractors in the Province of Ontario
This work is being carried out in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation as a follow up to a study that examined some of the more internationally-oriented freight generators in the Province.   The purpose here is use available data sources to accurately screen out a large number of second-tier freight generators scattered throughout regions of the province and to perform a round of survey work to gather further details about each generator. Linked Report


Maximizing the Potential of the Foreign Trade Zone Concept in Canada

This research examined the array of programs in Canada that seek to provide similar benefits to the more singular U.S. FTZ program.  It has also examined the dilemma of not using a true zone concept in a world that is used to FTZs as zones with defined spatial boundaries. As well as the U.S. case , some examples from  around the world are evaluated.  The report concludes that some geographical reframing of the FTZ concept is required and that there are some important marketing issues to be considered as well.  Finally, it suggests that the disparate FTZ-oriented programs in Canada need to be brought more into line with one another. Linked Report

Please click here to acess Dr. Mark Ferguson's January 25th speech.

Seaway Under-Utilization: Are Regulations to Blame?
This report assesses the extent to which the regulatory environment can be used as an explanation for why Seaway volumes have not reached the levels of decades past and why it has been difficult for new Seaway services oriented towards higher value goods to gain traction.  The results suggest that non-regulatory factors such as shifts in global demand patterns and intense competition from other modes within the region such as rail offer the most powerful explanations.  Nevertheless, the report notes that even after the elimination of the Canadian 25% duty on foreign built ships, there are still some significant regulatory barriers to be addressed. Linked Report





TRANSLOG 2014 "Transportation conference explores host of hot topics", Hamilton Spectator

“To access March 6th Truck Freight Generators and Attractors in Ontario” presentation by Dr. Mark Ferguson, please click here

The McMaster Institute for Transportation and Logistics (MITL) releases Truck Freight Generators and Attractors in the Province of Ontario Report.

Dr. Matthias Sweet Article “Do Firms Flee Congestion.” in The Atlantic Cities

Chris Higgins (PhD candidate) outlined the key benefits freight villages can provide to an array of attendees at the International Centre in Mississauga on Nov. 29.


Traffic jams and economic growth, There is good congestion and bad congestion in terms of benefit to a community, Dr. Matthias Sweet in the Hamilton Spectator


CBS Radio (San Francisco) interviews Dr. Matthias Sweet on:  "Traffic Congestion’s Economic Impacts: Evidence from US Metropolitan Regions"


MITL receives research grant from major partnership with federal government and industry on "Social Costs and Benefits of Electric Mobility in Canada"


Dr. Matthias Sweet (McMaster Institute for Transportation and Logistics) congestion research featured in The Atlantic Cities



Thank you for your attendance at the March 7th Metrolinx event:  "Advancing the Big Move Through the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area"
Please click here to access the presentation by Bruce McCuaig (President and Chief Executive Officer, Metrolinx).


Gridlock to thicken if left unchecked: Metrolinx president , Hamilton Spectator. Thursday's forum was sponsored by the McMaster Institute for Transportation and Logistics. More information on the transit plan is available at

MITL Spring 2013 Newsletter

Burlington, Ontario - January 25, 2013: MITL launches report on the Foreign trade Zone Concepts in Canada. Transcript of MITL's speech at the event can be found here.

Labour crunch in transportation, Hamilton Spectator

MITL article on Seaway Underutilization? Are regulations to blame? (short article) appears in Great Lakes- Seaway Review. The full associated issue of the Seaway Review can be seen here.



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