McMaster Forum: Advancing Supply Chain & Logistics in Hamilton-Niagara Region

Forum Objectives:

  1. To investigate solutions to improve the functioning of Hamilton-Niagara supply chains;
  2. To assess relevant aspects of regional competitiveness and infrastructure needs;
  3. To explore how available emerging data sources can be leveraged for the benefit of the region;
  4. To provide a venue for stakeholders within (and beyond) the Hamilton-Niagara Region to exchange views and actionable information; and,
  5. To facilitate cooperation and partnership.

Final Forum Report and Roundtable Outputs

The final Forum event took place on September 23rd, 2020 and was moderated by Richard Koroscil (KORLON Strategic Services). The workshop component of the event was facilitated by NeOlé Inc. The links below contain the presentation-oriented components of the event and a report that was put together by NeOlé to summarize the results of the workshop within the roundtable. The first link below captures the final forum report and acts as a summary of the overall forum. While the final report was formally prepared for Transport Canada (a very important contributor to the forum in many ways), the report is intended to serve as a resource for all interested regional stakeholders. Event-specific links are available below that capture further enhanced detail about each of the four other forum events.

Roundtable Materials

Materials from Initial Four Forum Events

Event #1: June 17th, 2020: Supply Chain Oriented Insights from Recent Hamilton-Niagara Initiatives/Research

The session offered an introduction to the overall series of events that compose the Forum, including an outline of learnings from our 2019 event, and provided some results from recent research/initiatives from within the region that are linked to improving the functioning of supply chains from the local and regional perspectives. This session was be moderated by Justin Terry from Transport Canada.

Presentation Materials

Event #2: July 8th, 2020: Increasing the Competitiveness of Regional Supply Chains

This session highlighted that competitiveness is a multi-faceted topic and that perspectives on competitiveness in the supply chain depend on the organizational context. Private firms must constantly assess their ability to compete in a dynamic environment while governments and other stakeholder organizations must work to break down silos and create the right environment for the region to thrive.

Presentation Materials

Event #3: July 29th, 2020 - Leveraging and Integrating Data for the Marine Sector

This session focuses on data in the marine context. A presentation from the US Army Corps of Engineers shows what is possible with interesting new data sources and leaders of two critical marine organizations share their perspectives as well on data and surrounding issues. Moderated by Keith Robson, JKR Associates. Presenters were:

Presentation Materials

Event #4: August 19th, 2020 - Infrastructure Improvements and the Supply Chain

Infrastructure in its many forms plays a very significant role in the smooth functioning of supply chains and each freight mode has its particular needs. This session will capture federal, provincial and local perspectives in helping to define an infrastructural path forward for Hamilton-Niagara. Moderated by Chad Schella, Canada Post.

Presentation Materials