Electric Mobility - Metropolitan Estimations of Environmental and Social Impacts

Project Description


To represent the localized environmental and health impacts of a shift to EV mobility for a series of Census Metropolitan Areas in Canada.


A central capability in this module is to translate forecast traffic flows for specific road links within a metropolitan area into their associated emission totals across a wide range of pollutants.

Traffic and congestion are also being linked to heart disease and respiratory problems. Researchers have estimated that the public health dollar impacts of traffic congestion are significant. It is clear that focusing only on the economic impacts of traffic congestion is misguided. It is also clear that EVs have the potential to not only minimize the emissions associated with the large numbers of vehicles on the road but also to reduce the compounded effects that occur when these vehicles are moving slowly in stop-and-go traffic or idling.


This module is associated with work that will take place into 2016 but some preparatory work has already been taking place. Through a new model called MOVES2014, we will assess the emissions impacts of a wide range of electric mobility adoption scenarios.

The module will benefit from considerable research that has done in the past by MITL on road-link based emissions associated with vehicular travel. The differential spatial environmental and social impacts of electric mobility across the metropolitan landscape will become evident through this analysis and will rely heavily on the results of the completed consumer survey.