Electric Mobility - Module Integration

Project Description


To synthesize social, economic and environmental findings of the previous phases as it relates to aspects such as consumer, commercial and public transit demand and to derive insights for the overall impacts for Canada of a shift to EV mobility.


Over the prior eight modules there will have been a substantial amount of research done over a range of subject areas, all related to understanding the dynamics of EV adoption for consumer, business and government entities. Each of the prior modules is worthwhile research in its own right, and of great utility for the automotive sector in Canada, but the purpose of this module is to pull all the findings together in a coherent package. This is the module that will directly address the social costs and benefits of EV adoption in Canada under a variety of scenarios that will be well-informed at this stage given all the prior work.


Work has not commenced on this module but is expected to within the next year as results from other modules become available. Dr. Adams and other members of the research team such as Dr. Mohamed and Dr. Ferguson and some student members are likely to become involved as results from the individual models are naturally feeding into this integrative module.