Movements of Dangerous Goods Across the Credit Valley Conservation Watershed

Project Description

The movement of dangerous goods is a prominent theme within the general area of goods movement. Large quantities of flammable liquids and compressed gases among other dangerous substances, move between and within our urban areas. The safety of these movements is of paramount concern. Nevertheless, there have been significant incidents that have taken place over the years resulting in loss of life and environmental damage. In order to maximize their understanding of the current situation and to achieve the highest level of emergency preparedness, the Credit Valley Conservation Authority approached MITL for research that would seek to quantify the movements of hazardous materials across the Credit Valley Watershed via the modes of road and rail. The framework that was implemented to evaluate these movements is described in detail in the linked report. The final estimate for road movements was 8.857 million tonnes of hazmat per year that interact with the watershed. For rail, the corresponding estimate is 6.442 million tonnes per year.

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    Credit Valley Conservation Authority