• 31 Jan, 2011
  • Logistics, Transportation, Reports

Project Description

Green Technology and Trucking: An Investigation of Factors Influencing Fuel Consumption Using GPS Data

This study explores factors such as acceleration and speed which impact fuel consumption for short-haul trucking – that is, the shipment of goods within 200 and 300 kilometers of a driver’s home terminal. The data used in this study were provided by Transcare Logistics Corporation, a member of the Carego Group of Companies. The data consisted of GPS records for all trips undertaken by two trucks operating for the corporation, freight information, and fuel information.

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  • Partner:

    Transcare Logistics Corporation

  • 31 Mar, 2009
  • Transportation, Reports

Project Description

For MITL’s first major research project, the City of Hamilton, Ontario was evaluated for its potential to develop further as a goods movement gateway. The research featured an extensive literature review, detailed economic impact scenarios based on assumptions about gateway oriented employment growth and related traffic and emission scenarios. The central thesis of this report was that economic development and job creation need not conflict with environmental sustainability. Development of employment lands coupled with a strong urban intensification strategy and investment in public transit infrastructure is ideal for promoting economic interaction and gateway development while minimizing congestion and transport related emissions.

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