Dr. Atif Kubursi

Collaborating Academic


Dr. Kubursi is a Professor (Emeritus) of Economics, McMaster University and President, Econometric Research Limited. He has taught economics at Purdue University in Indiana, USA, was senior academic visitor at Cambridge University, UK, and lectured and consulted at Harvard. Dr. Kubursi has also served as the Acting Executive Secretary which is at the Undersecretary General level and as the Acting Deputy Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia in 2006, 2007 and 2008. He is the recipient of the Canadian Centennial Medal for his outstanding academic contributions.

He has a long list of over 250 publications in international refereed journals, conference proceedings and chapters in academic books. He also published 10 books and over 150 technical reports. His main research interests are in the areas of development economics, ecological economics, natural resources, water and energy management systems, and economic policy.

Dr. Kubursi founded Econometric Research Ltd in 1972, which he has continuously served as its president. ECL is one of Canada’s leading impact analysis firms. Some of the key projects he led include assessing the economic significance and contribution of transportation activities and infrastructure to Canada’s competitive advantage, the economic impact of agriculture and food processing activities, tourism projects and flows, resource conservation, industrial development and community development in Canada, provinces, and local areas.

Econometric Research Limited (ERL) is a leading consulting firm in the areas of economic modeling, project evaluation and impact analysis, and in the design of computer models for socio-economic impact analysis as well as economic development, demographic and labour market forecasting. ERL has carried out a large number of studies in the areas of econometric modeling in the UAE, Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Indonesia and in the United States.