Dr. Hany Hassan

Collaborating Academic


Dr. Hany Hassan is currently working as a senior research fellows at McMaster Institute for Transportation and Logistics (MITL). Hany received his Ph.D. degree in Civil Engineering (transportation engineering with specialization in traffic safety) from the University of Central Florida (UCF), USA while; he was awarded his bachelor and master degrees in Civil Engineering from Ain Shams University, Egypt.

Hany’s research interests include traffic safety, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Emerging Technologies in Transportation, Environmental Impact of Transportation, Smart cities, highway design, human factors and drivers’ behavior, statistical applications in transportation engineering.

Hany has about 17 years’ experience in the Transportation engineering field. He has served as an assistant professor of Transportation Engineering at Ain Shams University, Egypt and King Saud University, Saudi Arabia. Hany spent about five years in the private sector during working as projects manager of Transportation Engineering at Tatweer for Traffic Assets & Systems Operation and Management L.L.C., Abu Dhabi, UAE. During this period, he managed several projects related to roads design, traffic impact studies, Intelligent Transportation Systems, developing a GIS-based traffic safety management system for Abu Dhabi, and developing a national transportation tracking system for UAE.

Hany has also more than eight years’ experience in teaching undergraduate/graduate courses of transportation engineering including Traffic Safety, Highway Geometric Design, Structural Design of Highways pavement, Traffic Engineering, applications of statistics in Transportation Engineering and Surveying. In addition, Hany has many influential papers published in the top Journals of Transportation Engineering including Accident Analysis and Prevention, Transportation Research C & F, Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems, Journal of the Transportation Research Board, Journal of Safety Research and Journal of Transportation Safety and Security.

Since 2011, Hany is serving as a member of Transportation Research Board (TRB) Committee on User Information Systems, AND20. He is also an active member of the Egyptian Engineering Syndicate. Through his academic career, Hany was awarded several academic prizes including the Intelligent Transportation Society of Florida scholarship (the Anne S. Brewer Scholarship), one of three recipients on the state level.

Hany can be reached via email at: h.hassan@mcmaster.ca