Quinn Hachey

Graduate Students and Research Assistants


Quinn is currently working towards completing his masters thesis in the School of Geography and Earth Sciences. Quinn previously received a BSc in Environmental Science from McMaster University. Quinn’s research will be used to provide context to the economic module of MITL’s current long term research project: “The Social Cost and Benefits of Electric Mobility in Canada”. Quinn’s research will help paint this picture by considering the existing socio-technical paradigm of the automotive industry and considering possible alternatives for the future given increasing social, political and environmental pressure. The scope of the project is Canada, however, given the global extent of the automotive industry, it would be unwise to consider the Canadian automotive industry in isolation without considering the importance of global supply chains, global shifts in demand and new—possibly disruptive—technologies. One of those technologies is electric mobility. Although many studies have focused on the demand side of electric mobility, such as understanding the barriers to electric vehicle adoption, there seems to be a dearth of research on the supply side of electric mobility. Existing vehicle manufactures have reason to resist changes to the current technological paradigm and may present a possible barrier to greater electric vehicle adoption. However, new entrants into the automotive industry may act as a catalyst for change and force existing OEMs to embrace new technologies, such as electric mobility. It is yet to be seen who will come out on top. The research also considers how changes in production technology and scope might benefit both the economic and environmental sustainability of the automotive industry and further increase the benefits of electric mobility. By exploring paradigmatic shifts in both production and vehicle technologies, policy makers with be better positioned to make informed decisions regarding the future of the Canadian automotive industry.