Shakil Khan

Graduate Students and Research Assistants


Shakil Khan is a Traffic Systems Analyst at the Cross-Border Institute (CBI). He is also a PhD student in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario. He received his MASc degree in transportation engineering from the University of Windsor in 2012 where he developed an advanced mode choice model for the Windsor-Essex region. Research results from this work have been published in the International Journal of Sustainable Transportation. He also holds M.Eng and B.A.Sc. degrees in Civil Engineering. His area of expertise include traffic simulations, discrete choice modelling, application of GIS in transportation analysis and freight modeling. Shakil has participated in a number of transportation research projects since joining the CBI in 2012 including a project funded by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) to simulate the traffic impacts of the Herb Gray Parkway that is being constructed in the Windsor region.