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Exploring Goods Movement and Export Diversification for Niagara Region Firms

Project Description This report provides a detailed overview of the supply chain-oriented activities, domestically and internationally, for a sample of Niagara region firms from the manufacturing, wholesaling and agricultural/primary sectors. The information comes from the deployment of an in-depth online survey (median completion time: 30 minutes) which provided useful data for 103 firms in terms […]

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Strategic Supply Chain Knowledge Development in the Hamilton-Niagara Area

Project Description This report is intended to be more of a starting point than an ending point. The goal is to assist in developing a dialogue about aspects needed to help grow the Hamilton-Niagara economy. In particular, the focus is on potential improvements in aid of supply chains that are tied to Hamilton-Niagara. Three important […]

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A Set of Strategic Freight Performance Measures for Ontario

Project Description Results from this research indicate that development of a multi-modal freight performance system would be a useful outcome for Ontario. The system could be operationalized through a dashboard which ultimately could be shared on-line with all participants in the freight system and could potentially help raise awareness among the general public on the […]

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Truck Freight Generators and Attractors in the Province of Ontario

Map of Canada

Project Description This work is being carried out in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation as a follow up to a study that examined some of the more internationally-oriented freight generators in the Province. The purpose here is use available data sources to accurately screen out a large number of second-tier freight generators scattered […]

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Movements of Dangerous Goods Across the Credit Valley Conservation Watershed

Credit Valley Watershed

Project Description The movement of dangerous goods is a prominent theme within the general area of goods movement. Large quantities of flammable liquids and compressed gases among other dangerous substances, move between and within our urban areas. The safety of these movements is of paramount concern. Nevertheless, there have been significant incidents that have taken […]

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Green Technology and Trucking


Project Description Green Technology and Trucking: An Investigation of Factors Influencing Fuel Consumption Using GPS DataThis study explores factors such as acceleration and speed which impact fuel consumption for short-haul trucking – that is, the shipment of goods within 200 and 300 kilometers of a driver’s home terminal. The data used in this study were […]

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Champlain Bridge-Montreal: Impacts of Disruptions to Bridge Capacity

Champlain Bridge

Project Description MITL completed a project for the Federal Bridge Corporation which assessed the impacts of potential closures to the Champlain Bridge in Montreal. Given that the main part of Montreal is an island, the metropolitan economy is very dependent on its river crossings. Congestion in the vicinity of these crossings is already a major […]

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