How will electric mobility affect Canadians?
How can we reduce fleet costs?
Where to locate public transportation?

Enabling safe, smart and clean mobility of goods and people

MITL conducts world class, multidisciplinary, cross-sectoral, collaborative research in transportation and logistics to:

  • Accelerate the identification, mobilization and adoption of knowledge and innovation;
  • Identify and address pressing regional and national challenges in transportation and logistics including those of vulnerable populations;
  • Educate the next generation of thought leaders in transportation and logistics;
  • Foster long-term strategic partnerships between the academic, public and private sectors, and;
  • Contribute to the international transportation and logistics research agenda.

Advancing Supply Chain & Logistics in Hamilton-Niagara Region
– Virtual Series 2020

EVENT 4: Infrastructure Improvements and the Supply Chain

EVENT 5: Round Table Discussion

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