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In Memoriam

Dr. Pavlos Kanaroglou

1948 - 2016

We at MITL are deeply saddened to announce the passing of our leader and mentor, Dr. Pavlos Kanaroglou. It is a huge loss for our Institute, the School of Geography and Earth Sciences, the McMaster Community and far beyond.

In a long and distinguished academic career Pavlos mentored 13 PhD students, 32 Master students, 15 postdoctoral research fellows and taught thousands of graduate and undergraduate students. Many of his students will tell you that he changed their lives. MITL was a great passion in the later years of Pavlos’ life and in his last days he made it clear that he wishes for our Institute to grow, prosper and continue in its efforts to make important contributions to society. Thank you, Pavlos and we look forward to continuing on with your work.

In lieu of flowers and in honour of Pavlos' lifetime passion, donations to the McMaster Institute for Transportation and Logistics can be made through iFundMac McMaster University.

MITL was born from a pressing need and a desire for change by business and civic leaders at all levels of government, and by academics that specialize in the study of transportation and logistics.

Moving Canada and the World Toward Transportation Behaviours that are Measurably More Socially Environmentally Economically Sustainable

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Air, soil & water quality modelling, multimodal route planning, sustainable travel...

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Urban land use development, policy implications, zoning...

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