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Pictures of Key MITL Team Members

About Us

MITL conducts world-class, multidisciplinary, cross-sectoral, collaborative research in transportation and logistics to:

  • Accelerate the identification, mobilization and adoption of knowledge and innovation;
  • Identify and address pressing regional and national challenges in transportation and logistics including those of vulnerable populations;
  • Educate the next generation of thought leaders in transportation and logistics;
  • Foster long-term strategic partnerships between the academic, public and private sectors, and;
  • Contribute to the international transportation and logistics research agenda.

Introducing Fluid Intelligence

MITL is pleased to announce the formation of a partnership between HOPA Ports and MITL in the form of Fluid Intelligence, a data analysis resource that creates insight and solutions in goods movement.

Fluid Intelligence helps businesses and policymakers make better supply chain, transportation and infrastructure planning decisions using data from all modes to solve problems and create new opportunities, Fluid Intelligence can help you find insights in your own data, and connect it with others to solve your biggest goods movement challenges.

Picture of Server Room

AI-Enhanced Mobility Lab

The AI-enhanced Mobility Lab (AeML) is high-performance computing and AI infrastructure at MITL to support innovative and interdisciplinary mobility research. AeML is co-funded and co-directed by Drs. Hao Yang and Saiedeh Razavi.

e-Bus Sim 01

This tool aims to increase awareness about the energy demand from battery electric buses in transit operations. The tool is designed by Dr. Mohamed’s research team at McMaster University, with the support of Dr. Farag from York University. We would like to acknowledge the support from the Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) Zero Emission Vehicle Awareness Initiative (ZEVAI).


Let us know how we can help

We are always happy to discuss how MITL can support your needs or to consider any ideas/feedback that you would like to share.