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Toronto Road System Performance – Stretching the State of Knowledge

Project Description While traffic congestion is a regular dinner-table conversation, media topic, and features centrally into discussions of transportation policy formation, newer data sources are only beginning to be integrated into policymaking circles as means to explore, track, and shape transportation system performance. This report represents one element of a larger study on using “Big […]

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Benchmarking, Planning, and Promoting Transit- Oriented Intensification in Rapid Transit Station Areas

Project Description For rapid transit to have a meaningful impact on shaping travel patterns in the Greater Golden Horseshoe region, new and existing rapid transit infrastructure projects must be integrated with land use planning to promote transit-oriented development (TOD). However, there cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach to TOD in the GGH. With more than 400 […]

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Value Planning for New Highway Infrastructure in Ontario: Evidence and Extensions for Policy

Highway 401

Project Description MITL seeks to estimate the net land value impacts of highway infrastructure by isolating positive benefits of accessibility from negative effects of noise and pollution. Positive net benefits provide a rationale for land value capture to fund highway projects as part of a ‘value planning’ approach.This research is being carried out for the […]

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Metropolitan Traffic Congestion in Canada

Cars Driving On A Highway

Project Description This work is being carried out through a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) grant. In the past, academic researchers have tended to focus on metropolitan traffic congestion issues relating to urban sprawl and urban form, the jobs-housing balance and commuting efficiency. These efforts have been weighted primarily to economic impacts and […]

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Shaping Hamilton with Complete Streets

View of a Street

Project Description There has been a lot of interest in recent years in “livable communities” which tend to be less auto- oriented than their low density, car dependent suburban counterparts. The “complete streets” concept has become very much associated with livable communities from the point of view of accessibility and equally accommodating the walking, cycling […]

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The North American Light Rail Experience: Insights for Hamilton

East coast map of Canada

Project Description This study examines thirty cities in North America that have already developed light rail systems and with varying levels of success. The main objective of the work is to determine the main underlying factors which have contributed to the outcomes experienced in terms of ridership and the extent of transit-oriented development. The implications […]

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A Exploration of the Freight Village Concept and its Applicability to Ontario

Shipping Containers

Project Description This research was carried out for the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. The purpose of the research was to explore the concept of a freight village and provide some high level insights on the applicability of the concept in the province of Ontario. A freight village is an advanced form of logistics centre where […]

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A Vision for Hamilton’s Future

View of Hamilton

Project Description This presentation, created by the McMaster Institute for Transportation and Logistics (MITL), paints a picture of how Hamilton, Ontario, Canada is set to evolve as a successful gateway city for Southern Ontario and beyond. This video builds on MITL’s study: A Sustainable Strategy for Developing Hamilton as a Gateway. This condensed version is […]

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